Energi Transport Ltd is a transportation service provider that operates in the Western Canadian Oil and Gas industry.

Hauling Services

Natural Gas Liquid Hauling

Your source for moving NGLs, LPG, Propane, Butane and other liquified hydrocarbons.

Water Hauling

Produced water hauling including sour service and pressure loading.

Oil Hauling

Your source for moving crude oil and condensate.

vacuum truck service

For all oil, gas, and peripheral applications.

The Company

We specialize in transporting Natural Gas Liquids, Condensate, Produced Water, Chemicals, and provide Vacuum Truck services. Energi Transport Ltd was incorporated in 2013 by Eric Duncan with one tractor and has grown into a fleet of 35 units. The fleet is comprised mainly of super-b truck and trailer configurations that are supported by a large tri-drive fleet that can keep product moving when road conditions become challenging.

Safety Certifications

Our Safety

Energi Transport received its COR rating in 2017 and continuously strives to meet and exceed the standards set out by Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships. Our dispatchers monitor hours of service compliance along with ensuring maintenance needs are being addressed in a timely manner by liaising with our maintenance staff daily.